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The Immigration War and How You Can Help

You don’t care about immigrant rights; at least, that’s what the current administration is hoping.

You’re Not Welcome Here

Gone are the days when the US welcomes the huddled masses of the poor.

The Wine Industry

Having grown up in the wine country of Northern California, I was surrounded by grape vineyards. The grapes stretched for miles. Tourists were brought in by the busload to venture on wine-tasting tours.

The Jobs Immigrants Hold

Illegal immigrants are not the bulk of immigrants, and all Immigrants are respectable people with jobs in many professions.

The Good News

The good news is that when President Trump detained immigrant children in cages, the public was outraged. Media covered the story, and Tweets blew up all over Twitter, denouncing the horrific behavior.

What Can Be Done

Traditionally significant change comes from a mass public uprising. The public must band together and refuse to accept the unfair treatment of immigrants. I’ll leave you with a list of ways you can make a difference in immigrants’ lives today:

  • Support families separated at the border.
  • Share accurate news reporting of immigrant stories on social media.
  • Write your local congressman to speak out on behalf of immigrants.
  • Organize local protests of unfair treatment and detention of immigrant children
  • Listen openly when immigrants share their perspective with you, don’t pretend to know how they feel.
  • Remember that immigrants are me, you, everyone, and the people who make up our country.
  • Speak out any time you see discrimination against an immigrant. Don’t allow belittling comments to slip by unnoticed. Speak out.
  • Read the ACLU’s fact-checking statement to stay informed about accurate information around the state of immigrant treatment in the United States.
  • Sign up for the American Civil Liberty Union’s People Power Network
  • Volunteer for the Immigration Justice Campaign
  • Volunteer for the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

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